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Serving Children, Teens, Adults, Professionals, Executives, Work Teams, Parents/Guardians, Couples and Families In-Person and Through Telehealth

Let’s face it.  Life right now is complicated.  It can feel overwhelming when we have so many unknowns ahead of us.  For many, emotions we recognize from our past are re-surfacing or this may be your first time noticing a worry, a concern or feeling of chaos.  We may feel off-balance in trying to manage ourselves, our relationships, our families and our external world.  We tell ourselves we can figure things out on our own and then we can feel anger, frustration and conflict.

At Get Centered we believe we weren’t made to figure life out on our own.  We are meant to work with others to problem solve and care for one another.

We have Counseling for children, teens, adults, parents, couples and families.  Professional coaching for individuals, executives and teamsOr maybe you’re interested in working with our health and wellness coach as an individual or coupleNo matter the need we welcome you in to a non-judgmental environment that allows you a space to not have all the answers.


  • Frustrated? Depressed? Full of Worry?
  • Chronic Pain? Trauma? Unsure how to manage your overall health?
  • Lack of Motivation or Accomplishment at home, work or school?
  • Tired all the time? Looking for joy and purpose?
  • Unfulfilled in relationships?
  • Overwhelmed in parenting?
  • Concerned with work/life balance?

At Get Centered we believe by addressing the whole person, in looking at physical, emotional, and behavioral health, we can create opportunities for more positive wellness and relationship outcomes.

Get Centered offers individual and integrated options of services. Using our collaborative provider model we ensure that each client’s needs are individualized to their specific coaching or counseling goals.  We work with you to create a roadmap toward the wellness path you want to pursue teaming with one or more wellness collaborators.

Are you ready to get to the bottom of what is getting in the way of your wants and desires?  What about exploring ways to thrive instead of survive?  Can you imagine feeling confident and accountable to do your best work?  How about feeling like you are showing up as the best you?  No matter the challenge, no matter the counselor, coach, or wellness collaborator you choose, we will meet you where you are and focus on ways for you to get back to your center.

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